Switch Macro to migrate onto a new vlan interface

As part of a network migration between one ISP and another. We had to find a way to update remote switch configurations with little fuss and ensuring if anything went wrong then the network would revert back to its previous state. Open the door to Macros’ The following was used on Cisco 3560 series switches.

vlan d
vlan 200
macro name OBS-NETMAN-IP
do reload in 30
interface Vlan100
interface vlan200
ip address
no shutdown @

wr me

# the migrations run:
conf t
macro global apply OBS-NETMAN-IP

If access was not available then after 30 minutes the switch would reload and pick up its old configuration. Please note in this case we were at least 500 miles away from the closest site and up to 5000 miles away from the farthest. The benefit of the macro is that it continues to run even though you may have just “shutdown” the interface you had a terminal session to.


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