There really was a Cisco Caravan…


There really was a Cisco Caravan...

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Cisco ACE resetting the default passwords


Follow these steps to reset the password that allows the Admin user access to the ACE module:

Connect to the console port of the ACE module in the Catalyst 6500 series switch.

Reboot the ACE module from the Catalyst 6500 series CLI.

“no power enable module x”

“power enable module x”

During the bootup process, Press ESC when the “Waiting for 3 seconds to enter setup mode…” message appears on the terminal (see the example below). If you miss the time window, wait for the ACE module to properly complete booting, reboot the ACE module from the Catalyst 6500 series CLI, and try again to access the setup mode by pressing ESC.  The setup mode prompts if you want to reset the admin password. Enter y. The “Resetting admin password to factory default” message appears. The ACE module deletes the admin user password configuration from the startup configuration and resets the password back to the factory default value of admin.


Starting lcpfw process…

inserting IPCP klm

Warning: loading /itasca/klm/klm_session.klm will taint the kernel: no license

See for information about tainted modules

Module klm_session.klm loaded, with warnings

inserting cpu_util klm

create dev node as ‘mknod /dev/cpu_util c 236 0’

getting cpu_util dev major num

making new cpu_util dev node

Session Agent waiting for packets .

Waiting for 3 seconds to enter setup mode…

Entering setup sequence…

Reset Admin password [y/n] (default: n): y

Resetting admin password to factory default…

XR Serial driver version 1.0 (2004-11-08) with no serial options enabled


Loading.. Please wait…Done!!!

The boot process continues as normal and you are able to enter the admin password at the login prompt.